Customer screening criteria:

  • age over 21;
  • more than 2 years driving experience in “B” category.

Required documents for the citizens of Belarus:

  • passport;
  • driver’s license of the appropriate category with a permit for it.

Required documents for foreign citizens:

  • internal passport;
  • international driver’s license (driver’s license with an alphabet which is different from Cyrillic or Latin (Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, etc.) needs a notarized translation);
  • citizens who have received a permanent residence permit of the Republic of Belarus need the driver’s license of the Republic of Belarus in three months after the receipt.

Rental term and territory of operation:

  • minimum rental period of the car is 24 hours.
  • territory of operation of the car is the Republic of Belarus. Departure outside the Republic of Belarus is possible only with the written permission of the Lessor and the execution of an insurance police by the customer.

Payment and rental cost:

  • payment is calculated according to the current tariff rate;
  • standard one-day tariff authorizes the use of the car for 24 hours. If this period is exceeded for more than 20 minutes, a fee is charged for each hour of delay in the amount of 5 BYR / hour during the time limit up to five hours, and after that time a fee is charged according to the next standard one-day tariff for each subsequent day of car rental in full;
  • at a rental contract execution, payment is made once for the entire period of a car rental in cash in Belarusian rubles;
  • in case of pre-schedule return of the car, the payment is refunded and recalculated according to the current tariffs based on the actual number of days of rent;
  • at a rental contract execution, the customer pays a deposit in addition to the car rental payments.

 Car rental cost includes:

  • clean equipped car in working order;
  • TD owners’ compulsory public liability covers of the Republic of Belarus;
  • CASCO car insurance (if available);
  • daily mileage of 500 km, mileage over 500 km is paid additionally at the rate of 10 kopecks per 1 km.

Car rental cost does not include:

  • the cost of fuel and window washer;
  • parking fees;
  • payment of fines for traffic violations;
  • car wash and cabin cleaning;
  • repair of blow-offs and damages of car treads and rims.
  • car sprung repair.

Responsibility of the Customer:

  • in the event of damage to the car, passenger compartment or car theft due to the customer’s fault, the customer bears the responsibility, unless otherwise provided by the insurance policy and the rental contract.

Deposit (insurance):

  • the deposit is paid in the amount of 200 Belarusian rubles. The deposit is a guarantee that the customer complies with the terms of the rental contract. After the return of the car, the deposit is refunded to the customer in full. The company reserves the right to withhold a deposit from the customer in the following cases: car theft due to the customer’s fault, damage to the car due to the customer’s fault, if the second party as fault is not defined and in the case if the customer does not observe the terms of the contract.

Place of issue and return of the car:

  • 20 Novopolskaya st., Gomel;
  • delivery and return of the car in the city of Gomel is paid additionally in the amount of 10 rubles per service. Delivery and return of the car in any other place is negotiated individually.

This data provided herein has informative character, the detailed information is set out in the rental contract.