Is it possible to rent a car using a temporary driver's license?
Yes, but the rental period must not exceed the period of validity of the temporary driver's license. The character of the traffic violation for which a temporary driver's license is issued also matters, in case of a gross violation of traffic rules, a refusal is possible.
How long does the formation of the rental contract take?
Approximately 15 minutes. To speed up registration, you can send photos of the documents (last, next-to-last and registration pages of the passport and driver's license with a permit for it) to our email, Viber or WhatsApp messengers.
Can I return a dirty car, if I do not have time to wash it?
You can, but you should pay for the car wash. In this case, you will also be responsible for the damage to the car revealed after washing.
What does the CASCO car insurance mean?
This means that the car is fully insured and you are not liable for damage to the car if the conditions of insurance are met (the traffic police is called, the insurance company and our company are informed and the customer cooperates with the proceedings). Moreover, if the fault is yours or the party as fault is not defined you pay for a standby unattended time while the car is repaired. CASCO insurance does not cover: - damage to the passenger compartment (scratches, burn-throughs, stains, etc.); - an accident in which the car was not put on the emergency brake and rolled; - damage to the car treads and rims; - damage to the car sprung.